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What our customers are saying...

From celebrities and professional athletes, to experts and authors of the nutritional medical world, Ola Loa is considered the easiest way to stay healthy. Read what they have to say about Ola Loa, and how they are using our products to help them stay healthy and at peak performance!

Verdine White surrounded by Grammy awardsVERDINE WHITE of Earth, Wind & Fire writes...

"I have a demanding schedule and on tour it is hard to take care of myself. Travelling from airports, to hotels, to the venues is draining on the system. Ola loa makes it easy and fun. Ola Loa energy not only keeps me from getting sick but also helps me maintain high energy for travel and shows. It's my drink forever.

Verdine White, founding member
Earth Wind & Fire –

Joe Satriani and GregGuitar virtuoso JOE SATRIANI writes...

"Ola Loa's Drink Your Vitamins go down smooth, taste great, and make me feel good all over. Thanks guys!"

Joe is pictured with Ola Loa founder Greg Kunin.

Joe Satriani
Check out Joe's latest tour information at



8 Weeks to Vibrant Health bookAuthor HYLA CASS...
“Ola Loa ENERGY formula is excellent for my patients and readers who want to take vitamins but can’t swallow pills. It contains all the vitamins and antioxidants they need. Ola Loa tastes good and is handy for travel as well. I always recommend the REPAIR formula for my patients with bone and joint issues.”

Hyla Cass, M.D.
—author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health –



jwright-headshot.jpgjwright_bont.gifDoctor and Author JONATHAN V. WRIGHT...
“Ola Loa effervescent mineral/nutrient complex provides a comprehensive powdered supplemet especially suited for children who can’t swallow capsules.” Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.
—author of Dr. Wright’s Book of Nutritional Therapy –




The DELTA LLOYD Volvo Ocean Racing Team loves Ola Loa...
Delta Lloyd skipper Ger O’RourkeImage of Delta Lloyd yachtOla Loa, really is, amazing stuff. We used it on the Delta Lloyd (Volvo Ocean Race Team) with fabulous results. For up to 24 days at a time our only source of food is in freeze dry form, which made Ola Loa a key fixture in our nutritional supplement program. We lived on ENERGY and SPORT and are hooked on the product.

Matthew Gregory
—navigator, Team Delta Lloyd


Lacrosse player MATT OLGELSBY too..

ogelsby_crop.jpg“Ola Loa gives you the edge!”

Matt Ogelsby
—professional lacrosse player
San Francisco Dragons






jessanthony.jpgAnd Racing Cyclist JESSE ANTHONY as well...
"With nearly 100 race days completed last year, my body had plenty of chances to be run down. Along with proper diet, I also consistently used Ola Loa to help keep my immune system running high. Staying completely healthy throughout the entire racing season is nearly impossible, but Ola Loa was a significant part of keeping me as healthy as possible and allowing me to perform at the highest level possible. During two of the week-long stage races that I did last year, I caught a head-cold, but Ola Loa gave me with the right vitamins and minerals to be able to fight the sickness and compete through the entire week."

Jesse Anthony
—racing cyclist extraordinaire

Carol Connors knocks 'em out!Two time Oscar® nominated songwriter CAROL CONNORS writes...
"Ola Loa SPORT and ENERGY give you a one, two punch... and leave you thinking, looking, and feeling like a "knockout" all day and night.

—Carol Connors
Co-writer of the theme from "Rocky" (Gonna Fly Now)






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